Cancer is a life-threatening condition caused when the cells in our body begin to divide and interact in an abnormal way. There are more than two hundred types of cancer, but thanks to continued research and advances in medical understanding these conditions are more treatable than ever before.

Cancer Specialists

At ParkCity Medical Centre we provide extensive cancer care for our patients. That means innovative new cancer treatments such as our TruBeam Radiotherapy system, combined with world-leading cancer doctors who strive to offer some of the best cancer treatment in Malaysia, Indonesia and for our patients from around the world.

We know that cancer is a struggle shared by patients and their families, so we work to offer a wide range of cancer care pathways, support and treatments to suit the unique needs of each patient as an individual. Our services include private chemotherapy treatment, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplantation as well as a wide range of cancer surgeries lead by our team of experienced oncologists.

Our Doctors

Dr Ivan Shew Yee Siang
Consultant Clinical Oncologist